Yoan Almeida — Product designer

Designer based in Paris.
Building the future of work at Crew. ex eFounders.

Passionated about simplicity, I love to solve problems around current technological innovation using user-centric experiences that leave a positive impact on people.


View of the earth from the sky


Speed up your hiring process by never having to switch between tools again. Crew is your ATS and recruiting CRM combined in one powerful tool.

Office with a computer and a chair in a minimalist environment


Fleex provides, manages and assists your remote employees with all they need to work in the best conditions.

Collective of freelancers


Where teams of independent talent meet ambitious companies. The most flexible and fulfilling way of working — yet.

Abstract 3D illustration


I keep exploring different mediums and experimenting new ideas. You can find more projects & design exploration on my dribbble!